3 Times You Should Use A Fully Customized Website

Having a customized website means your website will do exactly what you want, and it can help you stand out from competitors. There's a difference in the level of customization, and a fully-customized website may be necessary to meet your business needs. You Expect Major Growth You may be at a point in your businesses where you expect significant growth in your business. Growth is not necessarily about sales or product offerings, but it is about when your business expands to offer different services. Read More 

How Do You Brand A Federally Illegal Substance? The Tricky Issues Around Cannabis Resolved

Cannabis, or marijuana, is still illegal as far as the federal government is concerned, even though its usage has been made legal in Washington, D.C.. (That fact alone makes it all very confusing!) So, if you live in a state that has opted to make marijuana use legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, how can you brand it without promoting it to the point of doing something illegal? It is a unique set of very tricky issues, but certainly not unmanageable. Read More 

Three Reasons to Address Racial Issues in Your Marketing

You may not consider race and culture when selecting a digital marketing agency, but there are instances where these factors can be important in your marketing. How you market yourself can affect how people from different backgrounds view your business. Target Demographic Some businesses may have a target demographic that is primarily African-American consumers. For example, natural hair care is a popular business, and although people with textured hair cross numerous racial and ethnic boundaries, African-Americans may be among the largest demographic in this niche. Read More 

Major Branding Tips for Setting Up Your Online Shop

Starting an online store sounds easy on paper, but there are a host of details you'll need to handle if you want it to actually be successful. Opening your store only requires a few steps, but you will be weeding between a lot of different competitors that are all vying for the same market share and attention.  You can start your online store out on the right note by utilizing these strategies and consulting with some allies that can help. Read More 

Working With A Digital Marketing Agency: What To Expect

Digital marketing is so much more than just websites these days. It encompasses several services into a single bulk package, from which you, the consumer, can select the ones you want and pay for the services accordingly. Online marketing is just a small fraction of what a digital marketing agency can do for your company. If you have already chosen to work with a digital marketing agency, here is what you can expect. Read More