How Do You Brand A Federally Illegal Substance? The Tricky Issues Around Cannabis Resolved

Cannabis, or marijuana, is still illegal as far as the federal government is concerned, even though its usage has been made legal in Washington, D.C.. (That fact alone makes it all very confusing!) So, if you live in a state that has opted to make marijuana use legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, how can you brand it without promoting it to the point of doing something illegal? It is a unique set of very tricky issues, but certainly not unmanageable. Here are a few solutions to these issues. 

Hire a Cannabis Branding Agency

A marijuana branding agency specializes in creating marketing for this product that refrains from doing anything illegal while it helps you sell and move product within the confines of the law. The agency needs to know about your cannabis business, what you have for sale in the shop, and what you need to know and see before you can sell products to customers. For example, if your state requires a photo ID for all marijuana product purchases, the branding agency puts that on your website.

Then the agency provides you with the tools that will allow customers to upload their state ID's/driver's licenses to their accounts with your store. Once verified through the DMV/DOT in your state, customers can begin to buy products from your online shop. They can have the products shipped directly to their doors via third party shippers (because the post office is not allowed to act as a shipping agent for cannabis products).

Creating Marketing Allowed under New State Guidelines

Again, this is a tricky issue. You have to be fully aware of what your state allows in advertising regarding the use and sale of cannabis products. Become extremely familiar with these laws, and then choose your advertising terminology carefully. If you are not sure if your wording is legal, ask the branding agency you hired to evaluate your ad campaigns. Having that input from a branding agency helps keep your cannabis business in business. 

No Street Corner Offers

Most of the time, states that have chosen to allow the sale of both recreational and medical marijuana prohibit "free samples." This is a street corner practice often used to get people hooked on a drug, and while marijuana/cannabis has not been linked to drug addiction and abuse, the practice of free samples is still viewed as negative drug sales practice. You will need to refrain from "buy one, get one" marketing offers and free samples of new products in order to stay within the confines of the law.