Three Reasons to Address Racial Issues in Your Marketing

You may not consider race and culture when selecting a digital marketing agency, but there are instances where these factors can be important in your marketing. How you market yourself can affect how people from different backgrounds view your business.

Target Demographic

Some businesses may have a target demographic that is primarily African-American consumers. For example, natural hair care is a popular business, and although people with textured hair cross numerous racial and ethnic boundaries, African-Americans may be among the largest demographic in this niche. If you want your hair care business to be appealing to African-Americans with textured hair, there may be certain terminology you want to avoid and you likely need a wider range of products. People who are African-American or of mixed racial backgrounds are more likely to have hair with more texture, which can warrant products with more of a focus on moisturizing or minimizing tangles.

Racial and Cultural Sensitivity

There are many topics, phrases, and historical issues that are offensive to African-Americans. Unfortunately, poor marketing can lead companies to create advertisements, clothing, or make social media posts that are insensitive and offensive. Companies that are unfamiliar with cultural issues, regardless of the people affected, and those that may have limited diversity in their marketing department can benefit from hiring a marketing agency that is familiar with the African-American community. Once offensive material is out in public, it can be difficult to undo the damage. A marketing agency can also help with public relations regarding the event and aid in cultural sensitivity training to help people understand why the incident was offensive and prevent it from happening again.


If some brands are honest, they may find their demographic is primarily a single racial group, which can be a problem if they want to be more universally accepted and expand their reach. Sometimes it takes surveys or honest questions during focus groups to find out if there is a problem and how your business can make improvements. For example, a brand may find it does not do well in the African-American community because there is little or no diversity in their ad campaigns. Seeing more African-Americans, but also other people of color, with different hair types, skin tones, and sizes, might be more appealing and signal the brand is inclusive. The history with a brand can also cause rifts between a business and a group of people. Showing your business is trying to make amends is better than trying to ignore the past.

Addressing issues in marketing regarding race can be a challenging subject. Tackling your concerns head-on will show your business wants inclusivity and avidly avoids making anyone feel uncomfortable. Speak with an African-American digital marketing agency to learn how to better address racial issues in your marketing campaigns.