Working With A Digital Marketing Agency: What To Expect

Digital marketing is so much more than just websites these days. It encompasses several services into a single bulk package, from which you, the consumer, can select the ones you want and pay for the services accordingly. Online marketing is just a small fraction of what a digital marketing agency can do for your company. If you have already chosen to work with a digital marketing agency, here is what you can expect. 

The Initial Face-to-Face Meeting 

​When you have selected a marketing agency and have decided to begin working with them, you and the agency will have an initial face-to-face meeting. This helps everyone in the group connect names and faces, and it helps the agency people come to an understanding of what you need from them. You will tell them what services you know you need, then describe some issues you are having with online marketing to see what other services might help. When the whole package of services is created, you sign contracts and make the initial payment (or arrange to make an initial payment).

​The Follow-ups to the First Meeting

​As the marketing team works to develop all of the services you have requested, they will, from time to time, contact you with questions or just to check in to see how you are enjoying this or that service. As with all things in business, a timely response is most helpful. Keeping in touch with the team will help them tweak anything about your personalized set of services that you may not like or that you are deciding are not what you expected. You are not locked into the initial set of services you chose, either. The marketing agency can drop services, add services, and make changes to your services any time you want. 

​Maintaining and Keeping Everything Current

​A big part of digital marketing is keeping everything maintained, up-to-date, current with the times, and fresh. That in itself is a full time job, but you and your company employees do not have to concern yourself with that. The marketing agency keeps up with the social media sites, the website and its design, the promotions your company may be doing, the blog posts (if your company has a blog), and buzz about new products and/or services. Responses to consumer questions and addressing problems can also be outsourced to a digital marketing agency as well, if that is what you need.