3 Must-Have Software Features For Mass Transit Systems

Many localities with mass transit are providing their riders with access to mobile apps which can improving their experience. If your transit system is ready to step into the digital age, there are several must-have features to provide riders with the best experience possible.

Mobile Ticketing

Possibly the most convenient feature is finding ways for riders to purchase tickets using their mobile device. Having cash on hand is a major inconvenience in an age where credit and debit cards are the norm. This often leads to riders overpaying when they board mass transit or asking other riders for change. Some mass transit systems allow riders to purchase a daily pass through the app and once they board, they simply scan the QR code at the fare box. To help service people who may feel more comfortable with a physical ticket, your app should also include an online store where riders can purchase tickets and have them mailed to their home.

Map Integration

Many mass transit systems are moving away from relying solely on physical maps for each route by integrating their system information into Google Maps. Riders can simply type in their starting location and destination and find the nearest stop, bus or train number, and arrival/departure times. Integrating your mass transit system information with online maps also minimizes the significant planning it can take for a rider to determine how to find an unfamiliar location. Generally, the rider can find out how many stops they will pass before they need to exit the bus or train and any transfers they need to make to reach their destination.

Tracking Systems

Real-time tracking is an ideal feature for mass transit riders. By including a tracking system with your app, riders can avoid some of the common frustrations associated with using mass transit. For example, it can be impossible to determine if you just missed the bus/train or it is late. This way, riders with mobile access can go find shelter during inclement weather, without concerns about a bus/train showing up right after they have left the stop or sit down if they know they need to wait longer. The ability to track a bus/train with relative accuracy can also be safety feature for riders out after dark. They can easily minimize the amount of time they might wait on the street in the dark.

All mass transit systems should consider launching an app to improve convenience for riders. There are several features that can also increase ridership by making mass transit a more attractive option. Contact a software development service for more help.